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With a Samuelson’s Buyers event, you can have the expertise and experience of a world class buyer and GIA certified gemologist at your jewelry store.

We’ve been buying diamonds, estate pieces, luxury watches, gold and silver coins and all types of fine jewelry from the public since 1922. For jewelers across the United States, we’re offering the opportunity to have a buying event at your own store featuring our experienced buying team.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll plan a buying event unique to your store and your customers.
  • We’ll travel to your store, setting up shop for the duration of the event so your customers have an opportunity to have their jewelry evaluated by our GIA certified gemologists.
  • We’ll extend a same-day payment offer to your customers.

Samuelson’s Buyers has been a premier buyer of jewelry and other valuables in the Baltimore/Washington DC area since 1922. Our certified gemologists and experienced buyers offer a world-class jewelry buying experience for jewelry stores and customers alike.

We’re excited to bring this tradition of excellence to jewelry stores and their clients who’ve never before had an opportunity to experience the Samuelson’s Buyers way.

Why Host a Buying Event?

Samuelson’s & Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry Buying Event

Ron and Steven Samuelson in their Baltimore jewelry store
Ron and Steven Samuelson in their Baltimore jewelry store

We love working with jewelers across the country. In October of 2018, we partnered with Solomon Brothers Jewelers in Atlanta to host an exclusive 2-day diamond, jewelry, and watch buying event.

“Our buying event with Samuelson’s was a huge success. Ron, Allie and the team made it easy for our clients to sell their valuables for fair market prices. We’re looking forward to our next event!” – Jaron Solomon of Solomon Brothers

We Are Experts In Buying….

About Samuelson’s Buyers

Samuelson’s Buyers not only has almost a century of experience, but a well-earned reputation as a trustworthy and reputable diamond jewelry buyer in the Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia areas.

What sets us apart from online diamond jewelry buyers? We meet customers in person. Our entire process is safe, secure, and transparent.

No mailing off your valuables, no waiting, and no dealing with strangers via email. We believe in doing things the old-fashioned way: meeting people in person, talking them through the evaluation process, coming up with a fair offer based on facts and market fluctuations, and paying them on the spot.

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