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 The BEST Way to Sell Your Estate Jewelry

At Samuelson’s Buyers, we’re committed to your safety and security. Our office is never open to the public and our one-on-one consultations are by appointment only. You’ll meet with a trusted buyer who will evaluate your estate jewelry and answer all of your questions.

We pay more than any other jewelry buyer in the DMV area and we’re 100% committed to your satisfaction. Keep reading to learn more about why you should sell your estate jewelry to Samuelson’s Buyers.

Ready to sell estate jewelry but not sure where to go?

Samuelson’s Buyers is your best choice. We’ll give you the highest price in a safe, private office. Receive payment immediately and in person from certified gemologists who recognize the true value of your jewelry!

Here are a few reasons why clients sell us their estate jewelry:

  • You no longer wear it
  • You inherited jewelry that doesn’t match your lifestyle
  • Your estate jewelry or family heirloom is out of fashion and could be turned into cash
  • Your estate jewelry needs repair work that isn’t worth doing

We purchase jewels of all origins and in any form. We approach each piece, regardless of condition or value, with the highest level of attention to detail. Keep reading to learn about selling your estate jewelry, or make an appointment today.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

Samuelson’s Buyers specializes in evaluating and purchasing estate, vintage, and heirloom jewelry. But what do these terms mean?

  • Estate jewelry is simply jewelry someone else passed on to you. It is also called heirloom jewelry. Sometimes it has been passed down throughout many generations. Or it can simply be your mother’s wedding ring that she gave you. The original owner does not have to be deceased, but sometimes this is the case.
  • Vintage jewelry is typically 20 to 50 years old at least.
  • Antique jewelry is at least 100 years old (predating 1920).

So as you can see, most vintage and antique jewelry is estate jewelry, but not all estate jewelry is vintage or antique.

What Era(s) of Jewelry Do You Buy?

We buy fine estate jewelry from every important design period. We buy jewels circa 19th century, Georgian and Victorian jewelry; 20th century Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewelry all the way through the fabulous ‘40s and ‘50s, and up to the present day. We love seeing Old Mine and European-cut diamonds as well. From $1000 to $500,000, we are here to give you our best offer.

What Is Estate Jewelry Worth?

Generally, the retail price of a given item is much higher than what you can resell it for. However, if your jewelry is in excellent condition, is structurally sound, and has that “X” factor that just makes it beautiful and enrapturing, then chances are it will hold its value exceptionally well. Because estate jewelry can be from any time period, its value varies widely depending on the piece. You can always have us take a look, and our estate jewelry buyers will give you a quote without any pressure to sell your pieces to us.

Why Sell Estate Jewelry to Samuelson’s Buyers?

There are 3 main reasons our clients love selling their estate jewelry to us:

  1. Immediate payment: We’ll never ask you to send your jewelry out of your sight. You don’t have to worry about your valuable heirlooms getting lost in the mail, or an online buyer rejecting your jewelry. Our in-house, certified gemologists work with you to come to an agreement on price, and then we pay you right then and there.
  1. Highest price: A pawn shop or online buyer may offer you as low as 33% as your estate jewelry’s actual market value. We are able to offer you much higher prices because we have almost 100 years of history in the industry and employ experienced certified gemologists. We welcome you to get a quote from us as well as similar companies. Many of our clients have done just that and, upon finding we offered the highest price, became our clients for life.
  2. Safety: Selling your estate jewelry should never feel underhanded or risky. We are committed to offering a safe, private, and discreet experience. You’ll meet with us at our private, appointment-only office in a high-end business district. This office is reserved for jewelry sellers such as yourself; it is not a jewelry store and is not open to the public.

We are dedicated to thoroughly examining your jewelry and taking the time to explain your item’s value in light of the international jewelry market. This dedication, honesty, and transparency have helped our family-owned business thrive for almost a century. Ready? Get a free evaluation today!

How It Works

Never worked with estate jewelry buyers before? Here is what to expect:

  1. First, request an appointment online or by calling 301-718-4825.
  2. Bring any paperwork or certifications you have for your estate jewelry, such as a certificate from GIA, IGI, Gemological Laboratories, or EGL USA.
  3. You’ll meet our receptionist and enjoy complimentary coffee or another beverage.
  4. Our buyer will escort you to our office, where s/he will examine your jewelry. You will be in the presence of your jewelry the entire time.
  5. Once our buyer completes the evaluation, s/he will make you an offer and explain the rationale behind it. If you accept it, we’ll pay you right then. No waiting for your money!

About Samuelson’s Buyers

samuelson's buyers team

In 1922, Milton Samuelson founded Samuelson’s Buyers in Baltimore. His son Steve joined the business in the 1950s, and his grandson Ron joined the company in 1990. Samuelson’s Buyers is truly a family-owned business, passed down through three generations. As a result, we have a wealth of experience and a well-deserved reputation for being a trustworthy estate jewelry buyer.

We know you have more options than ever for selling your estate jewelry. Why choose us? We offer the convenience and in-person experience of a pawn shop, but with certified gemologists and without the seedy atmosphere. And we offer the high prices of an online buyer, but without the uncertainty and long wait. You get the best possible experience. Our clients love it! Here are two pleased reviews from Google+:

Our Clients Love Us

Lilly Acosta
“This was a great place to sell my old wedding set. They made me feel important from the moment I booked my appointment to the moment I left the office. I highly recommend going to Samuelson’s to sell your jewelry. – Lilly Acosta

“Great place to return jewelry – the process was very smooth and I did not feel like I was getting ripped off. – Vijay Yadlapati

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