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 The BEST Way to Sell Your Diamonds

At Samuelson’s Buyers, we’re committed to your safety and security. We offer appointment-only, one-on-one consultations at our private office. You’ll meet with an expert diamond buyer who will evaluate your diamonds, explain his process as he works, and answer any questions you might have.

We pay more than any other diamond buyer in the DMV area and there’s never any pressure to accept an offer you’re not 100% happy with. Keep reading to learn more about why you should sell your diamonds to Samuelson’s Buyers.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Diamonds?

Selling your diamonds can evoke strong emotions. You may be feeling nostalgic, a little sad, or curious what your jewelry is worth — sometimes all at the same time!

Maybe you’re selling an engagement ring because you’re ready to move on. Or maybe you inherited estate jewelry and you don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps you’ve been given diamond earrings that just aren’t your style. Diamond jewelry is very personal.

Everyone’s story is different. We respect that. That’s why we’re different from most diamond jewelry buyers.

We never ask you to ship off your valuable heirlooms in a flimsy little envelope. You’ll meet with us at our private, secure, safe office in an upscale shopping district. Unlike most diamond jewelry buyers, we are not open to the public, and we don’t sell any jewelry from our office. Our certified gemologists focus only on evaluating jewelry and offering the best price.

In your appointment-only consultation, we’ll educate you about the current diamond market and the value of your pieces. We guarantee the highest price whether you’re selling diamond engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or brooches. Keep reading below to learn everything you’d like to know about our diamond jewelry buyers, or make an appointment today.

What Types of Diamonds Do You Buy?


We buy most diamonds. Don’t be afraid your diamond is not perfect or that you’ve lost the certification or appraisal papers. Our diamond jewelry buyers evaluate diamonds of all shapes, whether mounted or loose. We specialize in certified diamond engagement rings, but we also make offers for solitaire rings, diamond tennis bracelets, stud earrings, diamond pendants, and more. There’s no harm in getting your diamond evaluated — Samuelson’s Buyers will never pressure you to sell.

How Do You Determine My Diamond’s Value?

There are more than 20 factors that can affect diamond’s value. Our expert buyers will take the time to inspect your diamond, evaluating it’s color, clarity and cut, while paying close attention to other factors that can impact diamond prices, like depth, table and fluorescence.  If your diamond jewelry has a pedigree from an esteemed creator, like Tiffany or Cartier, that will be included in our buyer’s assessment. Finally, demand for your item in the international market affects its value.

Why Sell to Samuelson’s Buyers?

Our #1 priority is to make sure you are safe selling your diamonds and rest assured knowing you’ll get quick payment. We know selling your jewelry can be risky, and we go above and beyond in terms of honesty, transparency, and discretion. Our secure, private office is located in a high-end business district. We are appointment-only, so you will receive our utmost, dedicated attention. We don’t rush you, and there is never any pressure to sell.

Furthermore, our diamond jewelry buyers have been evaluating and purchasing diamonds since 1922. Yes, we have nearly 100 years of experience in the diamond market. Not only do we have unparalleled expertise, but we’re experienced gemologists and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Finally, we offer much higher prices than what you might get from selling your jewelry online or at a pawn shop. Get a free evaluation today!

How It Works

First, call or fill out our simple form to request an appointment with one of our jewelry buyers. If you have a certificate from Gemological Laboratories (for example, a GIA, IGI, or EGL USA), bring it along, as it can simplify the valuation process. Our receptionist will greet you when you arrive and you are welcome to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or other beverage. Our buyer will escort you to our office and you will be in the presence of your jewelry the entire time.

Once our buyer complete’s their evaluation, they will explain our offer and its rationale. If we agree on the price, we’ll pay you then and there. There’s no consignment or waiting for a check in the mail. We buy and pay while you are there.

About Samuelson’s Buyers

samuelson's buyers team

We are a family business founded in 1922 in Baltimore by Milton Samuelson and passed down through three generations. Milton Samuelson’s son Steve joined the business in the 50’s, and then his son Ron came on board in 1990 and opened our Chevy Chase office.

We not only have almost a century of experience, but a well-earned reputation as a trustworthy and reputable diamond jewelry buyer in both the Washington, DC area as well as Baltimore.

What sets us apart from the online diamond jewelry buyers that have sprung up? We meet you in person. Our entire process is safe, secure, and transparent — and you receive payment instantly.

No mailing off your valuables, no waiting, and no dealing with strangers via email. We believe in doing things the old-fashioned way: meeting our customers in our private office, talking you through the evaluation process, coming up with a fair offer based on facts and market fluctuations, and paying you on the spot.

Our Clients Love Us

Lilly Acosta
“This was a great place to sell my old wedding set. They made me feel important from the moment I booked my appointment to the moment I left the office. I highly recommend going to Samuelson’s to sell your jewelry.” – Lilly Acosta



“I was so nervous and lost when it came to selling my beautiful wedding ring. In my early pursuits of buyers, I came across some really shady businesses. Then a friend recommended Samuelson’s to me and I couldn’t have been more pleased and comforted by the experience. I feel I was offered a fair price, and any flaws with the piece were carefully explained to me. The office is beautiful and adds to the comfort and feel of a legit, honorable family business. I would definitely use Samuelson’s again!” – Pharmaspy


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