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Is it Real? Here’s How to Spot a Fake

We’ve all heard those stories. Of that guy who bought his fiancée a gorgeous ring and presented it to her in a blue Tiffany’s box. The ring is dazzling and sparkling – but just a tad too big. So the fiancée goes to Tiffany’s to get the ring resized, and lo and behold – the [...]

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What is Fluorescence in Diamonds and Why Does it Matter?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, a diamond’s sparkle can take on a blueish glow? That’s due to something called fluorescence. While we focus on the color of a diamond (or lack thereof) to grade the diamond’s color, there’s another factor that can come into play when assessing a diamond’s natural brilliance – and that’s [...]

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A Brief History of Gold and Gold Prices

Gold has been recorded in literature and historical tracts as being used for jewelry and coinage dating back as far as 600 BC. For a long stretch of time, a gold standard was used as a monetary policy across the globe. Additionally, because it is a naturally mined material that is solid under standard conditions [...]

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Are Synthetic Diamonds Valuable?

With the concern over the ethics of mining diamonds, we’ve begun to hear more and more questions about synthetic, genetically engineered diamonds. To help answer those questions, we’re here to share what we’ve learned in our nearly 100 years of business at Samuelson’s Diamonds. How Are Natural Diamonds Formed? So how does a diamond get [...]

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The 7 Most Valuable Coins in America

Over the last century, Samuelson’s Buyers has learned a lot about coin worth, valuable American coins, and the most valuable coins in general. Some might think coin collecting has gone by the wayside. However, some old coins retain their value incredibly well – far beyond their purchasing power. Additionally, the rarer they are, the more [...]

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It May Be Time To Sell Your Sterling Silver Flatware, Hollowware, or Tea Sets

Once upon a time, newly engaged couples would eagerly register for wedding gifts that helped them build a home together. At the top of these registries were sterling silver flatware, china, linens and more. The silverware and china would be brought out for holidays and special occasions, but would sit inside pantries and buffets the [...]

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The History and Rarity of Colored Diamonds

The most well-known colored diamond is the Hope Diamond. Weighing in at a whopping 45.52 carats, it contains shades of blue and gray and a legacy as colorful as the diamond itself. With four centuries of ownership records and a murky legend of being cursed, the diamond is now on display at the Natural Museum [...]

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Diamond Talk With Allan Rosen, Head Buyer, Vienna, Virginia

What is your favorite diamond shape?  My favorite diamond shape is a round brilliant cut. There is nothing like a well cut round diamond because they are so brilliant and are always in style. That’s why they are in a category by themselves and still the most popular around the world. Round diamonds still command [...]

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