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Serving Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia Since 1922

First Milton. Then Steve. Now Ron. For 3 generations, Samuelson’s Buyers has remained a family owned and operated business. We’re the most experienced and most trusted diamond and estate jewelry buyer in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Virginia, and Maryland areas.

We’ve been buying diamonds, silver, gold and other valuables since 1922. Our in-house experts include gemologists, experienced jewelers, and certified diamond buyers. When you meet with us, you’ll always have our full attention. We work one-on-one and by appointment only. We’ll answer your questions and make sure you fully understand the evaluation process and our offer.

When you’re ready to sell your diamonds, engagement ring, silver, gold, coins, jewelry or other precious valuables, you can trust Samuelson’s Buyers.

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2800 Quarry Lake Dr #240
Baltimore, MD 21209

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Washington D.C.

5425 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 600
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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Northern Virginia

8300 Boone Blvd Suite 500
Vienna, VA 22182

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We’re Not Like Other Diamond Buyers

And that’s something we’re proud of.

What sets us apart?

We pay more than any other diamond buyer in the Washington DC area and place your satisfaction, comfort, and security above all else.

If we do agree on a price, we’ll pay you the same day. No waiting. Plus, you’ll never feel pressured to sell your diamonds or other valuables if you’re not happy with our offer.

That’s the Samuelson’s Buyers Guarantee.

Sell Locally to Samuelson’s Buyers

Selling to Samuelson’s Buyers isn’t like working with other buyers. Your comfort, security, and safety are our top priorities when you’re selling your diamonds, gold, silver, or other valuables to us.

We always treat you and your valuables with the utmost respect. That’s why we’re not open to the public, and we only offer individual, one-on-one appointments at our private, secure office. No walk-ins and no interruptions. You’ll have our buyer’s complete attention.

You’ll never be pressured to accept an offer you’re not completely satisfied with. If you’re happy with our offer, we’ll shake your hand and pay you on the spot. No waiting. No confusion. No hassles. That’s our promise to you.

Start by giving us a call at (301) 718-4825 to make your appointment.

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When you’re ready to sell your diamonds or other valuables, call Samuelson’s Buyers at (301) 718-4825 to schedule an appointment for a private, secure, professional evaluation with one of our certified buyers.

In business since 1922, we offer the best prices in Washington DC. Guaranteed.

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Ron and Steven Samuelson in their Baltimore jewelry store

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Learn From the Diamond Experts

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Sell Your DiamondDon't Make Mistakes When Selling A Diamond

Are you ready to sell a diamond? We’ve been buying diamonds in the Washington, DC area for nearly 100 years and we’ve seen it all– the good and the bad. In this post from the Samuelson’s Buyers blog, we’ll show you the most common mistakes people make when selling diamonds and how you can avoid them.

You’ll even learn how certified diamond buyers like those you’ll find at Samuelson’s Buyers evaluate diamonds, why you should avoid online diamond buyers, and much more.

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Why Sell to a Gemologist?Why Sell Your Diamond to a Certified Buyer?

Did you know that when you sell your diamonds and other jewelry to pawnshops, online diamond buyers, and other non-certified gemstone buyers you might not get the best price? At Samuelson’s Buyers you’ll meet one-on-one with a certified buyer who can help you understand the value of your diamond and offer you the best price in the Washington, DC area.

Learn more about how gemologists become certified, the skills and knowledge they acquire during the certification process, and how to find a certified gemologist in the Washington, DC area. Plus find out how we evaluate diamonds!

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Why Sell to Samuelson’s Buyers?

Selling your diamonds, gold, silver, jewelry, watch, or engagement ring is a big decision– one that shouldn’t be made lightly.

For over 90 years, our family has helped thousands of Washington, DC area residents sell their valuables for the best prices possible.

At Samuelson’s Buyers, we want you to feel sure you’re in the right hands. Here’s a few of the reasons we’re the best choice for anyone looking to sell diamonds, gold, silver, or other valuables in Washington, DC.

Experience & Expertise

Since 1922, when Milton Samuelson opened his first jewelry store, Samuelson’s Buyers has been a family business serving customers throughout the Washington DC and Baltimore area.

Our certified buyers are experts in their fields and there’s no buyer in the area who can match our combination of experience and expertise. When you meet with us, you can rest assured that you’re meeting with an experienced, certified buyer who has only one thing on his mind: making sure you receive a fair, accurate offer that you understand and that you’re happy with.

Security & Safety

Your valuables are just that– valuable. That’s why we put a premium on your security, safety, and comfort. We don’t accept walk-in appointments and we’re not open to the public. In order to sell your diamond, gold, silver, estate jewelry, or other valuables  to us, you must make an appointment first.

You’ll find our Chevy Chase office located in a high-end business and shopping district, where you’ll feel safe and secure. When you visit us, we’ll treat you like an old friend, offering you a beverage while you wait, and escorting you to a private office to meet with a certified buyer.

Your valuables will never leave your sight. You won’t have to mail your valuables in a flimsy envelope to someplace halfway around the world or meet with a buyer in a noisy crowded shopping mall.

Our commitment to your security and safety is one that other buyers just can’t make.

Personalized Service

When you meet with one of our certified buyers, you’ll have his complete attention. You’ll meet in a comfortable, private office where our buyer can complete a thorough evaluation before making you a fair offer for your diamonds, gold, silver or other valuables.

You’ll never feel rushed and and we’ll never pressure you to accept an offer you’re not happy with.

Honest & Transparent Evaluations

Throughout his evaluation, our certified buyer will explain his work and what he’s looking for. He’ll teach you everything you want to know about how he evaluates your item. If you’re ever confused, or have a question, we encourage you to ask. Our buyer won’t make an offer until you’re completely satisfied with his evaluation and his answers to your questions.

We Pay More Than Anyone Else

We pay more for gold, silver, and diamonds than any other buyer in the area and more than any online buyer. Our evaluation process is thorough, our offers are fair, and when we reach an agreement, we’ll shake your hand and offer our sincere thanks.

Easy Payments

We make sure you get paid quickly. No waiting for a check in the mail, or approval from a sales manager. In most cases, we’re able to pay in minutes, not days or weeks like many online buyers.

Commitment to Your Satisfaction

For over 90 years, we’ve been doing more than buying diamonds, gold, estate jewelry, and other valuables. We’ve been building relationships. In many cases, we’ve bought many items from the same family over the years. And it’s not just because we offer the best prices.
When you sell to Samuelson’s Buyers, you’ll be treated with respect and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you fully understand our process.

We want you to tell everyone you know how well you were treated at Samuelson’s Buyers.

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