Gold and Silver – On The Move!

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Check out live gold and silver prices at It's nice to see an upward trend in metals this summer, since gold and silver have been flat the past year. As of today we are over $1330 gold and $21.25 in silver. Could this be a sign to come? Can we get back to the [...]

VIDEO: Our Consultative Approach

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When selling your diamonds, gold, silver, jewelry, watches, or other valuables, its important to work with a trustworthy and fair buyer. Check out how Samuelsons Buyers provides a consultative approach to buying your valuables in a private and intimate office setting.

Testing Gold and Silver

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Selling gold and silver can be an intimidating process; many people arent familiar with the industry and fear they wont get a fair offer for their items. Here at Samuelsons Buyers, transparency with our clients is key, which is why we walk through the process as we evaluate your gold and silver items to ensure [...]

Need a BFF?

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Need a little help affording all of your holiday gifts? We all know the cost of gifts for your loved ones can add up pretty quickly. Don’t let spending be a concern for you this holiday season - Samuelson’s Buyers can help you get that extra financial stability to purchase that special someone the perfect [...]

What You Should Know When Selling Your Gold

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Here at Samuelsons we buy a lot of gold. Sometimes its in the form of gold coins and bars. Some popular gold coins are Eagles, Kruggerands, Maple Leafs, Gold Pandas and Gold Buffaloes. To calculate the price of your gold coins or bars, its easy. Just look up the spot price on a website like [...]

Let Samuelson’s Buyers Help YOU While Precious Metal Prices Are High!

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A new article concerning the rise of gold and silver prices was released Monday, October 1st on The article stated “on Monday, gold futures for December delivery increased $9.40 to settle at $1,783.30 per ounce, while silver jumped 38 cents to close at $34.95”. Later on in the day, gold reached its year high [...]

The Future of Gold and Silver Prices

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The Future Is Uncertain Many international investors and financial analysts have led the American public to believe that we are not going to witness a drastic economic turn around anytime soon. Inflation in the United States is continuing to rise as the amount of debt is continuing to rise. The devaluation of the dollar paired [...]

Determining the Value of Your Jewelry

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There are many factors to consider when determining the value of your gold, silver or diamond jewelry. One of the most important factors includes the current market of the metal or diamond. Additionally, the market price of gold, silver or platinum will have an impact on the offer you should expect to receive. Another important [...]