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When most people think of Cartier, the first image that comes to mind is one of luxurious diamond and gem stone jewelry, or perhaps a ring with iconic “double C” logo. What unfortunately goes unnoticed is, that Cartier has been one of the great watch making innovators since the nineteenth century. As a matter of fact, Louis Cartier, the founder of Cartier, was primarily a watchmaker, not a jeweler. It was not until future generations of the Cartier family that the Cartier brand branched into jewelry making and design, and became one of the worlds front-running luxury jewelers. IMG_2964 Cartier was not the first to make a wristwatch, that credit goes to Patek Phillipe when they made a woman’s wristwatch for the Countess of Hungary in 1868, which was made primarily to be a decorative jewelry piece for the wrist. Cartier was there however, at the very beginning of wristwatch innovation, and in 1904 Cartier made the worlds first wristwatch for men. It was with the Cartier Santos Pilots watch. This watch was specially made for the renowned Brazilian pilot, and loyal Cartier client, Albert Santos-Dumont. His request stemmed from his need as a pilot to be able to instantly check the time on his wrist, and not resort to fumbling through his pockets for a pocket watch. IMG_4088 Not only was this the first men’s wrist watch, it was also the innovation of the Pilots watch. A design that has since been proliferated by almost every watch maker to this day. Cartier also takes credit for iconic watch designs such as the Tank watch, the Roadster, and most recently, the Ballon Bleu. Since their very foundation Cartier has been an innovator in the world of watches, and they continue to be at the head of the pack to this day. At Samuelsons Buyers, we appreciate the value and craftsmanship of fine watches. If you have a watch thats an antique or a modern timepiece, our expert watch buyers are happy to examine them and make a reliable offer. Along with Cartier, we buy Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Breitling and other fine watches. To schedule an appointment to sell your watch, please feel free to contact us.

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