Why Samuelson's?

Samuelson’s Buyers is a trustworthy and fair buyer here to help you sell your unwanted or unused diamonds, jewelry, gold and silver.

We have been providing exceptional value and service to our clients and customers since our doors first opened back in 1922. Our private office setting will immediately put you at ease. There's no haggling, no mystery and no amount too large or small.
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See how much more comfortable it is to sell diamonds, jewelry, gold and silver to Samuelson’s!
Our private office setting, one-on-one discussion, and friendly, professional environment makes everything easier at Samuelson's.

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Why Sell to Us?

Samuelson's Buyers specializes in assessing and purchasing diamonds, fine jewelry, watches, coins and other precious metals. We approach all items, regardless of size or value, with an equal amount of attention to detail.
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Hi Paul, Phil and I greatly enjoyed meeting and talking with you. We appreciate your professional service and felt very comforted that with your help we had made this transaction in the most educated way possible. Looking forward to hearing you have some pieces for me to purchase. Thanks again.


Dear Ron, I had the opportunity to meet Paul this afternoon and sell two 14k gold pieces. It was a wonderful experience and he was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. He explained many facts about metals and diamonds that I never knew about. The entire appointment was very pleasant and I will now highly recommend Samuelson's to all my friends!